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Friday, May 30, 2008

Indonesian Handicrafts

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands is also known as ‘Kepulauan Seribu’. It is only 45km from Jakarta Bay. The capital of the Thousand Island, is ‘Pulau Pramuka’. The population in all these islands is around 20,000 people. There are around 150 islands, in the Thousand Islands. This number though, is unsertain, because some of the islands are dissapearing. These islands are beautiful. If we don’t take care of them they might all dissapear some day, for they have become a fragile environment.

First of all, a fragile environment is an environment that can be easily destroyed. It is easier to destroy, than to restore it the way it used to be. One of the most critical things that is happening to the Thousand Islands is, what I have mentioned. The disappearing islands! Here is a picture of one of the islands, it was taken years ago. as taken years ago. Look at what is left of the island. Imagine what has happened now! What you saw is the effect of sand mining, and erosion. People take the sand from the Thousand Islands to sell. Erosion happens because of the mangrove deforestation. Without the mangroves it is easier for soil to get carried away by waves, this also ruins the ecosystem. Erosion also happens by coral mining. When people take coral, it can change the structure of the island. The soil then starts to collapse into the sea.

Other reasons for the fragile environment are, ways of land use, fishing with poisonous cyanides, taking to many natural resources, pollution from surrounding places such as Jakarta Bay, and another is tourism. An example of ways of land use that is destroying is when we cut down trees to make use of the land. Fishing with cyanides can destroy reefs. Taking to many natural resources, such as sand can have big consequences. Pollution kills animals. While many islands are tourism spots, and can get damaged because of the many people that do not care for the environment, and do irresponsibly things such as taking coral. So, we really need to care for the environment, or it will become like the Thousand Islands sad situation.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Field Trip to a Waterfall

On Tuesday, the 13th of May, my class had a fieldtrip. The fieldtrip was to a waterfall. Many things in this fieldtrip went differently than what I thought would happen. By the way, the reason why my class had this fieldtrip, is because it is connected to our UOI(Unit of Inquiry). Our UOI right now, is about ‘fragile environment’. During the fieldtrip, we had to look at the environment around us, and see if it is a fragile environment or not. We also had a chance to ask the guides that took us to the waterfall questions that inquire about the environment.

So, this is how it goes. We went to a mountain called Gunung Pancar. We left the school at around 8:00a.m. We went in the school bus. After some time, we reached a destination. From there we got of the bus and had a little hike. Starting at this point things didn’t go the way I planed them. First of all, I thought that we would go up a mountain, but instead we went to a waterfall at the foot of the mountain. Also, we didn’t actually go all the way to Gunung Pancar.

We started our hike, by going down from where we were, because we started on a hill. When we first started going down the path we took was steep, and there were parts that were quite dangerous, and where we had to be careful. The weather was hot. You might be wondering, why the weather is hot. Atleast this is what would come into my mind if I read this. Well, first of all, I thought that we were going to be walking through a forest. Instead, we went through something completely different. Rice fields! That is why the weather is hot, because there not a lot of trees. This is one of the examples of fragile environment. Through asking the people that guided us to the waterfall, I managed to find out that fifteen years ago, this was all still a forest! We didn’t see any animals, except one. It was an eagle souring high. It looked beautiful.

Anyway, after quite a long walk, we finally reached the waterfall. Everyone was tired! I think that one of the things that pushed us to go on was thinking of the fresh water in the waterfall! This really pushed us, because we knew we would have time to play in it! The water was cold and refreshing! It felt like we were just getting out of bed again! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long.

We had lunch. From where I had lunch I could se part of the waterfall. It was beautiful! I wish I had a picture to show you, but I didn’t take any, because I didn’t bring a camera or anything of the sort along. After we had lunch, we asked questions to the guides. From the answers I got, and saw, it knew that the environment has become very fragile. Some things I figured out were stunning. What was even more stunning, is when a friend told me, a parking lot was actually going to be built near the waterfall! I just hope that no more damage would be done the area we went to.

Finally, it was time to go back to school. The route we took back was longer but not as steep. At first, I was ready to go again, but after sometime, I started to fill really tired, as most of us did. So, when we finally saw the bus, some of us started to run to it!

At last we could rest! We got back to school really tired! I hope that I can have more fieldtrips, like this! I have learned somethings about the environment there and I am saying again, I hope that there will be no more damage there!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here is more information about my country. First of all, my class has just had the exhibition about this UOI, which is 'Dreamworld'. So, now I have more information about my country.

In my last post about my country, Recydia, I haven't told you about the map of my country. That was the first thing that I made for my country. It shows the shape of my country. It also has a scale of 1:1 000 000. You can locate things by using the legend I made on the side of the map.

I also made another map, which is a map of my countries natural resources. It includes many mines, and natural things you can fine on my first map.

Another thing that I had to think about, and a country needs is a type of government. The government I have chosen for my country is called ‘monarchy’. In this type of government a queen or king is the ruler. The next ruler will be the first born of my family.

I also made 8 laws for my country. Here they are:
1. All laws should be followed, and if you break three laws, you will go to jail for
3 years.
2.There should be no killing of people, or you shall go to jail for 10 years.
3.Everyone should be equal, and no man should be higher than a woman. Those
who do not follow this law shall have a punishment decided by the judge,
according to how bad this law is not followed.
4.All things should be legal. If not, a punishment of 1to 5 years of jail.
5.The environment should be kept clean. If you through anything away, and not
into the bin, you will have to pay R-1 and 50-deec.
6.You must not trespass areas, or you will have to pay as much money as to pay
the damage you might have done, and will go to jail for 1 year.
7.If you trespass into other countries, you will go to jail for as long as you have
been in that country. You will also have to pay at least R-5000.
8.You should follow the motto. You should not use it in a bad way. If you do, you
will for to jail for at least 1 month.

Something connected to my natural resources map, is the electricity in my country. This is something important to have in a country, because it powers the country. For my country, I am using water to conduct electricity.On either of my country’s map, there are rivers. This is where my country gets the electricity it needs. Here is how it works. First, water flowing down stream, makes a rudder turn. This makes a magnet turn and conduct electricity, which is caught by antenna coils. Then the electricity can be used.

The natural resources can be used to help make money for Recydia. Tourism can also produce money. I have made a brochure, which shows the 3 major tourism spots in my country. One of Recydia’s tourism spots is a volcano. You can actually go inside it! Another is quaggas. They are extinct, but because this UOI is caled ‘Dreamworld’, they can be found in my country! The last tourism spot is an underwater hotel! It is placed beautiful coral reefs!

The last thing I did for my country is make a UN speech. In this speech, you I mentioned why my country should be a member of the UN(United Nations). It is quite a long speech and is an important speech. The UN helps to make sure the world has peace and doesn’t have war.