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Saturday, October 27, 2007

UOI Exhibition

An exhibition is coming up. It will be one November 1 2007. The following is what my group will do for the exhibition.

First of all my group is doing the Catholic religion, and we still have a lot of things to do. So, we have planed to finish typing and searching for everthing by Tuesday or Monday. We have planed to make our board look near to how a mind map looks like. We will do this by putting the tittle in the middle of the board, and have arows pointing to the things that are connected to the religion. These things we will dicide on, if there are a few more things we want to put on our board than what we are sure we will put on our board. The things that we are sure will be on our board are: the Catholic history/origin, what is the Catholic religion, and also, the celebration of Easter. We will do all this by gathering information we know, and then typing it down, after that we will get it proof read, and finally we will stick everything on our board. What we type down will not be a lot. There will only be maybe a paragraph up to only about three paragraphs. The information we put on will not be that complicated. We will be calling each other if we need to dicide on a few things. We might also need to search for a few things.

After we have finished doing the above, we will spend Wednesday praticing and also on making our speech, and if it is possible we will finish making the speech before Wednesday so that we can hopefully memories it for Thursday.

By doing what we will do, hopefully we can be able to have a good and succesfull exhibition.