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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Terabithia Questions and Answers

Why is Jess wearing neither a shirt nor shoes?
He is not wearing a shirt not shoes, because once he had started running he would be as hot as popping grease, and he bottom of hid feet are now as though as his shoes.

Why has he gotten up early every morning in the summer?
He has gotten up early every morning in the summer so that he can practice running.

Who is Miss Bessie?
Miss Bessie is not a person, Miss Bessie is a cow that belongs to Jess’ family.

What new does May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch?
May Belle shares the news, that people were moving to the old Perkins place which is down on the next farm.

Why does Jess like May Belle?
Jess likes May Belle because she worships him, and does not despise him like his two big sisters do, or cries like what his little sister does if he looks at her cross-eyed.

What does Jess keep under the mattress?
Jess keeps his pad and pencils that he uses for drawing under the mattress.

What was Jess’ first reaction when he met Leslie Burke?
His first reaction when he met Leslie Burke was pausing in mid are like a stop action on T.V, just after she asked his a question.

How is Leslie different to other students?
Leslie is different because she doesn’t want to play with the other girls, but instead she wants to run with the boys. She also does not have a television like everyone else.

What did the boys organize outside once they had been dismissed after eating their lunch?
The boys organized a running race once they have been dismissed after eating lunch.

Why does Jess sit beside May Belle on the bus?
He sat beside May Belle on the bus to make sure that Leslie will not sit beside him.

Why wasn’t running fun anymore?
Running wasn’t fun anymore because Leslie would keep on joining in the races and would always win, which made most of the boys play a different game called King of the Mountain. So, only a few boys were left and it wasn’t fun to play with a tiny number of boys because of things such as, there were no needs to run heats, which took away a lot of suspense.

Why was Leslie unable to do the project on Jacques Cousteau?
Leslie was unable to do the project on Jacques Cousteau because to do it she has to watch T.V, and Leslie dos not have a T.V.

Have you ever had a secret place with your friends? Discribe it?
In Grade 3 I had a secret place that Amanda and me created. This place was placed in the lowest part of the playground. Although everyone knew about this place in the playground, nearly no one knew about our secret place. This is because our secret place in our imagination. The place that we imagined is supposed to be only for the both of us. This place was a place of magic. We imagined that we could do things by magic and that we have horses. The part of the playground we took was the part where there was mostly grass, so that our place looks as if it was like a meadow to give it a peaceful look.

Who was the ‘real’ giant in their lives?
The ‘real’ giant in their lives is Janice Avery.

What plane of action do they decide on to pay back Janice Avery?
They decide to make a fake love note that tells her to meet in a certain place to walk home with the person that is supposed to have written the love note, but didn’t really write the note and embarrass her in front of every body else because nobody showed up to walk her home. This is their plane of action to pay back Janice Avery.


A lighter is a compound machine. A compound machine is built out of more that one simple machine. In this case, a lighter is made up of a wheel and lever. The wheel of a lighter is what scratches a special stone to build up heat. It is in the group of a simple machines called a wheel or wheel and axle, because what it looks like and can do is considered what a wheel looks like and does. The lever is what releases the gas. It is placed lower and more to the edge that the wheel. It is considered a lever because the movement that it does is up and down, and that is what a lever does.

Have you seen a lighter? Maybe yes maybe no. Well, here is picture of a common lighter. This is the wheel I told you about. This is the lever. This is a straw that the gas comes out of. Now adays there are many types of lighters, here are some pictures. The first lighter was made in Germany, in the year 1823 by Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner.

Lighters are used for lighting things such as candles. They are grip-size so that they are easy to use.

To use a lighter you have to grip it. Grip it so that your thumb can be placed on the wheel without having to pass the hole that the tiny fire will come our or. Then role the wheel into the direction that faces you. When you role it you should press the lever under neat also. Do not let go your hand for as long as you want the fire to go on burning, let go when you want to stop the fire burning.

By knowing how it works, you should get a picture of why it is made like so. First of all, it is grip-size so that it is easy to use. The wheel and lever is close to each other so that when you role the wheel, you will automatically press the lever to release the gas. This is so the gas will fill the heat of the rock and wheel scratching against each other and make a fire. The straw is also important, because other wise the amount of gas released will be too much and make a bigger fire than necessary.

So I think, that you might think a lighter is a complicated machine, but after reading this you will find out that it is actually quite simple, and interesting to learn about.

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Nails are a simple machine. They are considered to be a wedge. This is because a wedge splits things up. You might be thinking how could a nail split something? Well. The answer to this is that if a nail is nailed to something, for example wood, it will make a hole in the spot it is nailed to. So, when this happens, the wood that was in the place where the nail has been nailed is split up to make room for the nail.

If you have never seen a nail, I am sure that you are wondering what it looks like. Well here is a picture of a pile of common nails. As you can see, one end is flat and the other pointed. There are also other types of nails such as the shoe nail, upholstery nail, staple, tack, and many more. They also come in different sizes.

The nail is made up of three parts, the head, body, and point. Nails are made out of things like chopper.

They are used for putting constructional things together. Usually it is used to put wood together when constructing something.

To use a nail, you have to have a tool called a hammer. Using the hammer, you need to hit the nail. You can do this by holding the hammer handle, placing the nail where you want it to be nailed then holding it in place, then you need to hit the nail several times until it cannot go any deeper.

By finding out about how a nail works, you can get information about why the nail is shaped the way it is. Well, this is because you hit the nail with the hammer on the flat end. While the point of the nail is the one that makes a hole.

So, I think that nails can sound more interesting then they seem.

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How to Build a simple Go-kart

This is a plan on how to biuld a simple go-kart. This go-kart is a wooden one ans does not use and engine. To strat this go-kart, you will need push it down the hill, or do anything else of the same sort. The go-kart is going to become 1.2 meters(120 centimeters) long, and 0.7 meters(70centimeters) wide.

Below is a picture that shows where the parts of the go-kart should be placed, and the name of those parts. The wheels you will need can be from a pram or from small children biccycles. A suggestion is that the spoked wheels should be at a diameter of 270mm.

The main chassis member, is 100mm x 75mm x 1250mm. If you look at the picture of the finished go-kart, you will see that there is a 60° piont on the edge of the main chassis member. Instead of this piont, you could place something like a front bumper.

The front and rear axle are 100mm wide x75mm deep x 550mm long. The front axle support member is connected to the chassis at the front via a 12mm bolt, allowing it to rotate right or left. This 12mm bolt can not be over-tightened, other wise, the front axle will not turn freely. Instead, something like a ‘lock nut’ should be used, in this case, two nuts are used an tightened together locking them, to prevent them from loosening.

The front and rear axle supports are one of the first pieces to be made. These wooden support pieces have a slot to put in the metal axle securely. In the diagrams there will be additional holes to receive a round wire nail to secure them iside the wooden support, and to prevent themfrom rotatin from right to left.

The rear axle is made from the same size as the main chassis member. However, there is a 15mm x15mm square slot along the leght of this piece of wood. To remove the wood in the way of the slot, there are a few ways. These ways are: using a 15mm mortise chisel, using a plough plsne, using an eolectric saw( st the depth of this saw to 15mm, making 4-5 paralel cuts), and by using an electric drill and a 15mm drill bit, drill a series of holes that are 15mm deep. After doing any of this ways, clean it up using any chisel.

The rear axle padding pieces which are 25mm thick, sit on top of the rear axle support, on eithere side of the main chassis member. You will need to use long nails to make sure that the padding pieces ae secured in place.

The metal axles are lengths of metal bar with a diameter of 15mm. There should be four 5mm holes that are drilled into the metal bar. The holes in the middle, which are 400mm apart, are the ones that allow the metal axle to be nailed to the rear and front axle support members. There are two metal axles. The holes at the ends of the metal axle are to accept a split pin, and along with a washer, help in securing the spoked wheel onto the axle, while the wheel can steel rotate freely.

The front axle supports are made the same way as described in the diagram bellow.

With the front axle supports however, an additional counterbore( a large enough hole t allow the head of a bolt togo deep in the wood, underneath the metal axle) needs to be drilled. A large drill bit can be used. This is to alow the head of the bolt to go underneath the metal axle( otherwise, the front metal axle would have to be in two pieces. Make sure that the M12 bolt, which is shown in the diagram bellow is tightly in place, to prevent it from spinning.

The axle support cover is nailed under bothe the front and rear axle support members. For the reason that they serve no structural purpose, they can be cut from a thin plank of wood(12mm) to reduce the weight to the go-kart. A 5mm chamfer/bevel can also be added.

You should make sure that the M12 hex bolt (this can also be a M12coach bolt) is held thightly in the front axle support member(underneath the metal axel), to prevent it spining. Otherwise, when you ar tighting the two M12 hex nuts, the bolt may spin.

Instead of using two M12 hex nuts to secure the M12 bolt, you can use a single special nylon lock nut can be used to prevent itself from becoming loose due to any vibrations.

A simple nail can be used instead of a special split pin. A 5mm diameter steel nail can instead be placed through the hole, and bent at either end to form an S shape.

To steer this go-kart right or left, you can use your feet, or tie some string at the end of the front axle.

You can also add brakes if you want, this can be done by using bycycle brakes. Bellow is a picture of what the go-kart might look like with brakes.

Here are the measurements for the frame of the go-kart.

Here is a picture of what the go kart would look like when it is done.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

U.O.I Reflection: I Believe You Believe

In this U.O.I, the title was: I Believe, You Believe. The theme is: How We Express Ourselves. The central idea was: The beliefs and cultures are conveyed through rituals, celebration, the arts, and the way people live their lives. We did quite a lot of things during this U.O.I.

One of the things that we did was write down the things that we believed in when we were little. During this activity, we have to be thinkers because we had to try to remember the past and think real hard.

We also watched a film about Beatrix Potter and learned how wild he imagination was, and how she had been very brave. After watching the films, we had to be Knowledgeable and write about Beatrix Potter.

There was a time when we had to write a Haiku about ‘God’s love’. We were thinkers because we had to make the Haiku make sense with it’s rules.

One of my favorite parts of this U.O.I were the field trips. We had two in one day. First we went to the biggest mousque in Indonesia. This mousque has a special name which is Mustaquil. There, we learned a lot about the Islam religion and had our lunch. Soon after that, we went to a Cathedral across the street. Inside the Cathedral there were a lot of artifacts. We learned more about those artifacts then about the religion the Cathedral was built for, which is the Catholic religion. When we got back to school it was about one hour before the time for us to go home.

There was also some homework we had to do about the religion. We had to post it to our blog, the information about the religion we chose to study. We were knowledgeable with the things we already knew and searched for more. This homework helped my group when we were preparing our display for the mini exhibition that was going to come.

For this exhibition we had to be knowledgeable, thinkers, and open-minded. We had to think about how we would make our speech, and how we would display the information we have on our board. We were knowledgeable with the things we already know about the religion we are studying as information that we can use in our speech and display. We also had to be open-minded to the ideas that come from people in our group.

When the day of the exhibition came, we prepared our final things. Noting went like what I thaught it would be like. There only are only two teachers and the class that leastened to the speeches. This made me un-nurves. When we were at out display boards, we had to work quickly. We had to make sure that everyone was interested in our display. In my group the adults were interested in hearing about the display, while the students from the class that came were interested in the interactive game that my group came up with. In the end, everything went great and it was a happy day for me.

This U.O.I was fun and sometimes frustationg. I am looking forward for the next U.O.I.