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Friday, February 29, 2008

Speed Test

This is the speed test result in the school.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ancient Egypt

Today, during the presentation about Ancient Egypt, I learned somethings.

First of all, I learned about the Egyptian mummies. I learned that to mummify a person, there are more to it than just what we picked up in the film Indiana Jones. It turned out that there were at least then steps in doing it. Including having to bath it and then taking out the internal organs. I also learned that the Egyptians didn’t know what the brain was for and just took it out. I also picked up that after taking out the internal organs, they covered the body with scents and thing like that. This happens before and after they stuff the body sawdust.

That was the first part of the mummyfieng. I also learned things in the second part. In the second part they wrap up the mummy then there is a closing seramony which is called the opening of the mouth. After that the mummy is put into the coffin.

The Egyptian pyramids have three types. The first type is quite flat and is not like the pyramids we see today. The second type is a step pyramid which is nearly like the pyramids we see today, except that it has steps on the outside part of the pyramid. The third and final type of pyramid is the pyramids we see today.

I also learned the Egyptian religion. The Egyptians thought that Ra was the first God, and lived alone. So he made more Gods to keep him company. The people, on the other hand, were made by the tears of Ra.

Another thing I leaned is the Egyptian hilographics. I learned how to write my name in Egyptian. Trough the hilographics I saw how some letters can be nearly the same as the other. I also learned that some letters use the same symbol. I also learned that some letters can have more than one symbol.

This are some of the things I learned.

Presentation Reflection

Today we had our group’s presentation. It didn’t go that well. There are a lot of things that could have been done. If I had a chance to do this again there are a lot of things that could have been done a lot better. Starting with the information.

First of all I think that there could have been more details of the information. I would also add more pictures to make it more interesting to look at. I would also have had more facts that are interesting. I also would have found more information about the popular things about Greece such as myths. That is problemly all for the information.

The next thing is practice. Everyone didn’t have enough practice. Next time I will practice more. I need to know what I am going to say better(a lot).

Last but not least is presenting. When I was front there I got nervous. I was not nervous I would have had a better presentation. I would have made it a lot more interesting.

I would have also added a bibliography.

Usually I would write a lot, but today there are just to many things that went wrong, that I can’t seem to concentrate.

The Goal of My Life

In 10 years time I will be 21 years old. When I am 21 years old, I will problemly follow my fathers steps. Like what my parents say, first I will start of helping my father. Like what my father has experienced, I might experience. My father worked with my grandfather, and found something that inspired him to start a company. I am thinking that that might happen to me. In10 years, I hope to have a SIM. I am wanting one since now. If I can drive, I will beable to go to places, and help my mother with things like grocieries. Although so, in 10 years time I might be finishing college, and not yet helping my father.

I am interested in helping my father because this is his own business. I am also interested because my father is making plant verteliser, and is already starting to think of trying to make something new. What my father’s company is producing is also inviremental friendly. With what my father is making he is also helping plants and people, not just himself.

I think that I can make this happen by studying hard, and starting to liik deeper into what my father is doing. In university I might take the subject accounting, and manegment. I want to take these classes because they can haelp me to help my father with his business. Accounting is going to help me with money that needs to be handled in a company. Management can also help me with finding out how to run a business. My fathe can also tell me how things work.

My teachers can also help with the lessons they teach. For example, with math, I will need to know a lot of math. I might also need to know a lot about science. Language is also important for selling and other things. There are also a lot of otherthings my lessons can help me with.

In 20 years time I will be 31 years old. By then I will problemly be working a my fathers company. Imight have a family too, and have to spend time at home

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter Summary

The Great gum Machine

In the center of the inventing room, there was a big machine with glass tubes leading to a tub, the size of a bathtub.

Mr. Willy Wonka pressed a button, and liquid went down from all the tubes into the tub, each tube letting out a different colour. Then Mr.Willy pressed another button, and the liquid was all mixed up.

The machine went click, and the mixing stoped, then the liquid which had turned frothy was sucked into the machine again. Suddenly the machine made a great big groan, and at that same moment, a drawer poped open, and something like a strip of gray cardboard lay inside it.

Nobody knew what it was, until Violet shrieked out and yelled gum!

Good-Bye Violet

Mr. Willy Wonka then told everyone that this piece of gum is a three corse meal. Mr. Willy Wonka then explained that when his gum starts selling in the shop, there is no need of utensils, groceries, etc. The gum that he has just invented is a meal of tomato soup, roast beef, and blueberry pie.

Violet Bauregard, who loved gum listened to Mr. Willy Wonka when he explained that this gum would taste like the things on the menu, fill you up, and feel like the food is actually running down your throat. Immediately she wanted the gum, and grabed it before Mr. Willy Wonka could stop her.

Voilet chewed the gum, and enjoyed it, while she egnored Mr. Willy Wonka who was yelling at her to stop. Finally when she came to the blueberry pie, Mrs. Bautegard noticed something. Soon everyone was staring at Violet who started to turn blueis-purpelies. Then, she started to swell up. In a moment she turned into a giant blueberry!

Mr.Willy Wonka says that he always get it wrong whtn it comes to dessert. Violet was then ordered to be taken into the juicing room, so that all the juice inside her could be juiced out.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is the time line of ancient Greece.