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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blog, Googlepages, i-Web

From bloger, I learned how to post things onto the Internet. I learned how to make a blog. I learned how to add widgets. I learned a lot. For example, about safety. I learned that you should not put personal information on your blog. It is dangerous to do that because some people who look at your blog may try to kidnap you. From bloger I learned many things on the Internet. I also learned about how to post comments. There are very many things I learned about mow to post comments. There are very many things I learned from bloger. I think that bloger was very easy to use in the beginning. I can do a lot in bloger. I think that bloger is the second best digital portfolio I have.

There are things I like about bloger. I realized this a lot when I started to use the google pages website. With bloger it is easy to do everything. Bloger rarely has errors.

The things I don’t like about bloger, is things like uploading images. Sometimes it doesn’t wok. Sometime when I try to do something it doesn’t wok. The thing that I don’t like the most, which is something that is not actually blogers fault, it is the school Internet connection. The Internet can be quite slow sometimes.

I have used bloger since the beginning of Grade5. It was the time when I first got deep into the Internet, and other things with computers. I like bloger. I might still post thing although I am not in Grade5 anymore.

It is another thing with the googlepages. At first I liked the googlepages mote than bloger. I learned things from the googlepages too. The first thing I learned is how easly it is to actually post things into the Internet using the googlepages website. I learned how to link one page of my website to another page of my website. I also learned things that are not then food with the googlepages which is the errors that it usually has. I learned nearly everything I learned using bloger, except, I am still not sure about how to post things like podcasts, and other things like that using the googlepages.

After I have experienced the googlepages for quite sometime, I don’t really like it that much. It is simple to use but has lots of errors. These errors bug me. For example, the two most annoying errors, are when your uploading a picture, and then the navigation is not on the left side of the webpage. When uploading big pictures, I cannot scroll down to press the done button, I have to do it in another way.

The last digital portfolio I am making now is the easiest. I am saying this because I haven’t actually published it into the Internet. May be of I publish it things will go wrong. So far though, like the i-Web a lot. I have actually been using the i-Web since the beginning of the year for the digital yearbook. So I am used to it.

I learned a lot too. I learned that using i-web is very simple. You don’t have to upload images. I learned that you just have to dray then into the i-Web, the same with videos. I also learned how to change the backgrounds. All I know is that i-Web is the best of all. I learned a lot of things. The best thing about i-Web is that everything is easy.

This is what I have to say about the three digital portfolios.